The Seanad election is by postal ballot. You can help spread the word by telling any friends, family or colleagues that are NUI graduates about the campaign and encouraging them to VOTE #1 for JENNY BUTLER

The NUI Panel vote includes those who are graduates of University College Cork, University College Dublin, National University of Ireland Galway, and Maynooth University.

The fundraiser for the campaign is on GOFUNDME.

As part of the campaign, there are some costs and I am asking you to chip in, if you can, to help with this – €10 goes a long way and will help immensely!

PLEASE NOTE: I can only accept foreign donations from Irish citizens who are resident abroad. Under Irish electoral law, electoral candidates can only accept donations from people living in Ireland, or Irish citizens living abroad, and any donors giving €100 or more must additionally supply their address. If you make a donation of more than €100 to this campaign, you may be contacted for verification purposes. However, you can be assured that under the General Data Protection (GDPR) legislation, 2016, your data will not be used for any other purposes than to check if you’re a legitimate donor.

If elected, I will endeavour to be a fresh and innovative force in the Seanad for social reform. With over 18 years’ experience as a University Lecturer, I’m well aware of issues in education, not least those of funding and inclusive access. I stand for equality and inclusion in Irish society and for more empathic consideration of the implications of legislation and social policies. Close to my heart is the protection of our environment, both natural and cultural, and matters of animal welfare. I’ll strive to protect Ireland’s heritage and environment (our cultural traditions, the Irish language, historical commemoration, sites of special importance, climate action) while being mindful of the importance of integrating new traditions and identities into our changing modern Ireland. I care about people and I will speak out against any form of discrimination, prejudice, or bigotry. It is my belief that every person has the right to a roof over their head and I will try hard to bring change to the housing situation and to end homelessness. I will always make efforts to help those suffering due to disability, those in poverty or in crisis. Legislative bodies should be non-judgemental and understanding of the society we live in – after all, the government is to represent all citizens; I’ll also stand in this regard for Seanad Reform.

I’m standing as an Independent Senator and I’m not a member of any political party. While I have no political background, I have been involved in activism for workers’ rights, women’s equality, and animal welfare, and I’ve also been a volunteer to help children with special needs.

As an Independent, I’m a Senator for Everyone and I care deeply about Ireland and Irish society – let’s be “Ireland of the Welcomes” again while taking care of the people of this State – these things are not mutually exclusive!

I’m a capable, determined, and experienced candidate — Please support me in bringing change like this!

If you donate, your money will go to:

— PRINTING of flyers; I have decided to send out one simple flyer to each person on the electoral register to avoid paper waste. Though candidates are allowed to put up posters and distribute other materials, I have chosen not to do so to lessen the environmental impact. Since the current Register, operative from 1st June 2019, contains the names of 112,216 electors, there will be some printing costs. A donation of €100 will print over 1,000 leaflets, but even if you can afford €5 this is a great help!

— SOCIAL MEDIA: much of my campaign will be online so I will pay for ads on social media which will direct people here to my website.

Feel free to ask me questions (see social media links or website contact form).

I’m grateful for any donation, no matter how small.